News 07/16/10 - PRESS RELEASE:
VocalTec and YMAX/magicJack Announce Merger
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1/09/09 - PRESS RELEASE:
At One Year Anniversary, magicJack Inventor Dan Borislow Addresses Industry.
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News YMAX COMMUNICATIONS CORP State, International, and Interstate Tariffs: view here

magicJack : Free Local And Long Distance

Never Pay a Monthly Phone Bill Again!

YMAX Founder, Dan Borislow, has invented the magicJack allowing phone charges to be virtually eliminated. He believes with savings of over $1,000 a year off your typical phone bill and magicJack's™ crystal clear voice quality, magicJack will become the fastest growing Telecom company in the World.


SJ Labs: Voice Over IP Software

SJ Labs, The world Leader in Software Production

SJ Labs is a world leader in VoIP softphone development winning numerous industry awards over the years. Founded in 1999 and based in Solon, Ohio, our VOIP platform has hundreds of man-years of development and has been deployed for over five years. Our softphone has been used and downloaded by over 2 million users.